Through micro-injury of the skin, this world-renowned treatment plumps skin by restoring its volume. It is the ideal solution to fine lines, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin texture that may be a result of acne scarring. Microneedling boosts collagen production allowing for overall skin rejuvenation and health.


The Eclipse MicroPen is a revolutionary cordless dermal micro-needling device that is used by skincare professionals across the globe.  With several advantages over the previous generation of anti-aging devices such as lasers and dermal needle rollers, it's safe, quick and delivers consistent results that are customized for all skin types! It's no wonder why dermatologists and aesthetic practitioners prefer the Eclipse MicroPen for the following reasons:

Safety First

The Eclipse MicroPen is safe for all skin types, which makes it a great procedure for almost everyone! Each patient is assured the highest level of safety when using the pen through its unique safety features such as sterile single-use, surgical grade disposable cartridge tips.  The Turbo Safety Cartridge ensures the delivery of greater efficiency and superior clinical results to maintain the highest level of safety for the patient and provider!

Faster is Better

For those who need an effective skin care treatment but don't have the time to spare, then the MicroPen is the solution for you!  The high-speed motor gives patients a more efficient procedure in no time, and the rapid motion of the pen is a comfortable experience that has been described as a "mild sandpaper-like sensation."

Customized For You

Everyone has unique skin that requires different treatments in order to take care of it properly! With the variable pen positions on the MicroPen, professionals are able to customize a treatment that delivers the best clinical results to patients immediately!

Consistent Results

Because of the safety and control features on the MicroPen, this leads to more consistent results for each patient.  As opposed to lasers and dermal rollers, the pen is able to deliver reliable and improved outcomes for each and every patient, guaranteed!